Sunday, April 1, 2012


Chang-O is the Chinese goddess of the moon and her story is celebrated each autumn during the Moon Festival. Chang-O stole the Elixir of Life from her husband and swallowed it. She floated up to the moon, and there she remains with only the Moon Hare (the Chinese see a rabbit-in-the-moon instead of the western man-in-the-moon) and a three-legged toad.

My art doll shows Chang-O in a traditional hairstyle and celadon gown. Her makeup is similar to that used in Chinese theater.  She holds the white moon hare and a jade-and-gold bottle containing the magick elixir. Peeking out from under her gown is the three-legged frog, a Chinese symbol of wealth.

I made the doll to sell on Etsy, but my sister fell in love with it so I gave it to her. I have another Chinese doll, Quan-Yin, in the works.

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