Tuesday, August 4, 2009


For such a creative person, I can be really stupid sometimes. Behold one of my newest dolls-in-progress: the Bride of Frankenstein. She's one of several Halloween-inspired projects I'm working on, one of which will be my entry in the ADO Halloween Challenge. Well, last nite I finished wrapping my blushing Bridezilla from neck to toe and fired up the oven. I was particularly pleased with my decision to mold the doll's skull so that it would make a solid base for the Marge Simpsonesque frizz that is the Bride's signature 'do. Imagine my -- is horror too strong a word? -- when I discovered that I'd made her too tall to fit inside my oven! Horizontally or vertically!

So I whipped out my razor-sharp Sculpey-slicer and gave the poor girl a craniotomy. (I knew CSI would come in handy some day.) I sliced off the top half of her dome and baked it separately, then glued it back after it cooled. All's well that ends well, I guess, but I appreciate the irony of having to do brain surgery on my own little Bride of Frankenstein. Igor would be proud.

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