Saturday, June 20, 2009

The past few weeks have been hectic. My dear mum has relapsing-remitting MS and the return of the warm weather always exacerbates her symptoms. As a full-time caregiver to said parent, my online activities had to be curtailed until things got back to normal. I did manage to do some dollmaking here and there, finishing my entries for two ADO (Art Dolls Only) Challenges. The photo-in-progress at the upper left is for the 4 Elements Challenge: my take on Pele, the Hawaiian Fire Goddess, erupting from a volcanic crater. She looks 100% better now that she's been painted, coiffed and costumed. You can see the finished doll here in mid-July. Click on the logo at the right for info about joining the challenge.
The other doll I completed is for the Ellen Degeneres Challenge, which has been delayed until August. If things work out, we'll be donating our dolls to Ellen's favorite charity.
I'm starting my next project, another goddess doll. This time I'm working on a figure of Bast, the Egyptian cat goddess -- my own moggies think it's a great idea. As always when beginning a new doll, I'm full of energy and enthusiasm. No wonder I love making dolls!

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